A short walk from Manchester Victoria to the People's History Museum


Bronze statue of Gandhi walking with stick in front of cathedral

This short 1.5km was starts at Manchester Victoria station, takes you past Manchester Cathedral and over the River Irwell. This side of the river is a rapidly developing area of Salford. The walk finishes at the People's History Museum. 

It's not a long walk but you can use it to link the Spinningfields walk, which starts at Deansgate Castlefield and finishes at Manchester Victoria, with the Emmeline Pankhurst walk which starts at the People's History Museum with a finish either at St Peter's Square or the Pankhurst Centre in the University area.

Turn right as you walk out of Victoria Station (A) and follow the road as it bends left in front of Stoller Hall. At the bottom of Hunts Bank with the river in front of you, turn left onto Victoria Street and head in the direction of the now visible Manchester Cathedral This building has a history dating back to 1421

Gothic cathedral building on misty day with statue of Gandhi in foreground
Manchester Cathedral on Cathedral Walk

As you walk along Victoria Street you see a statue of Gandhi on the left. The statue of Gandhi was unveiled in 2019. Victoria Street changes its name to Deansgate as you walk along. From Deansgate turn right on Blackfriars Street (B) and walk over the bridge. Turn immediately left to walk by the side of the river down a flight of steps. You will shortly see a suspension bridge (C) in front of you. As you approach the bridge walk under it. On your right hand side you can see the Lowry Hotel. 

large glass fronted building with cables and tower of suspension bridge to right
The Lowry Hotel

If you look along the river you will see a stone bridge which takes you back over the river to the People's History Museum (D).

side of a building with text PEOPLE"S HISTORY MUSEUM

This is where the Emmeline Pankhurst walk starts and you can follow this to St Peter's Square or the university area


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